My Problem & My Solution:
Back Pain

Back Pain
Back Pain

We asked our own BPT Team member Josh about his problem, solution and outcome when it comes to Back Pain

Q: What is Back Pain?

Back pain, specifically lower back pain, is very common. It occurs in around 70% of people at some point in their lives. For some people it’s a chronic condition. 


It can be very painful and debilitating for many. It is something I have personally suffered with for years! During my own personal journey with lower back pain, I have tried it all. Chiropractic, Acupuncture, going to the doctor, etc. 

Q: How has Back Pain affected you?

I have herniated my L4 in my lumbar spine multiple times. I can sympathise and fully understand the effect of back pain on an individual. It took me years to get myself back up to a decent standard of physical fitness.

Back Pain can limit your quality of life, performance of daily tasks and your mood.

Q: What action did you take?

I underwent a process of physical adjustment and rehabilitation. I hired a personal trainer as a last ditch effort to help. What I learnt was the beginning of my recovery process. My form was analysed, My posture and other physical weaknesses too. 

Q: What did you learn about this? 

What I learnt from the beginning is that I had been bending wrong my entire life. Bending over using my back instead of my legs. This is what had caused my injury to begin with while working in a factory. 

I had severely underdeveloped glutes. This is because I never used them. As a result of this, my balance was bad and my legs and back were always tight.


Q: What was the solution?

I essentially retrained myself to bend using my legs and glutes instead of my spine. 

This was the first step of the healing process for myself. 

Now that I was bending the correct way, this gave me some relief and helped my herniated disc to heal itself.


To fix this problem, I added resistance training to my workout routine. I focused on exercises to specifically strengthen my glutes. Twice a week I would work on my glutes, incorporating varying forms of weight training. Kettlebell squats, Sumo squats, Barbell work, lunges etc.

The glutes support the spine from the rear and take a lot of load from everyday life. By strengthening the glutes, they took the work off my spine, which helped massively!


 The next lesson I learnt was about my core. The importance of support and balance from the front side of the spine. Again I had a weak core, which is what had gotten me into this situation in the first place. 


I incorporated core workouts into my routine, training my core twice a week, varying forms of planks, windshield wipers, mountain climbers, situps etc. This helped me in all other aspects of training, my balance became better and I was more stable in regards to my weight lifting. Not just weight training, but in all aspects of my life, even tasks such as climbing ladders became so much easier!


The third and final step I incorporated into my life was mobility work. Working on stretching. Genetically speaking my family has very tight hamstrings and glutes. Thus being another trigger of tightness and back pain. 



I started to stretch my glutes and hamstrings daily, once in the morning and once in the evening. 


Q: What was the outcome?

As a result of these training methods, I was much more agile, happier and my pain was easing, after sticking to my new routine for a while, my back pain had subsided. My herniated disc healed itself, I was much more flexible and most importantly. I was pain free!


I am prone to back pain, genetically as well as physically. If I stretch regularly and bend properly. It keeps the back pain away! Physical rehab is the only thing I found that helps and fixes the problem. 



What we offer at BPT

We can support you to perform exercises within your capability, without causing further stress on affected areas.

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