Matt Brinkley


I'm Matt


Role: Director & Therapy Trainer
Qualification: DipL3 Personal Training & Disability Exercise.
Biomechanics Functional Exercise Specialist.
Specialist areas of expertise: Adaptive exercise for Disabled,
Injured and elderly individuals.

About Me: I am the director of Brinkley Physical Therapy Limited and creator of the Therapy Gyms, Online Therapy Gym and Mobile Therapy at Home Programmes. I have long made it my mission to make fitness accessible for all, and with the launch of this business I feel this is being achieved.

As a former support worker for individuals with additional needs, I developed a passion for supporting people who require a modified approach towards their health and fitness. The benefits were quickly realised as I was able to gain many supporters who were positive of the programmes and opportunities I was creating.
Soon after I qualified as a fitness professional, and I began to coach more people. My desire to support people who require accessible exercise opportunities then grew further. This is because I was approached by a client who had limited mobility, a wheelchair-user and had been harshly rejected by fitness coaches because of these non-fault circumstances. I was angered by this and created an ongoing exercise programme which looked beyond these limitations and disabilities with an ability approach. The amazing results both physically and emotionally for this client was the most rewarding outcome for me.
I have since supported hundreds of disabled, injured and elderly individuals with their exercise progress and look forward to meeting more at a Therapy Gym soon.

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