I'm Charlie


Role: Member Programmes & Referrals 
Qualification: MSc Exercise Science
Biomechanics Functional Exercise Specialist.
Specialist areas of expertise: Chronic medical conditions. Diabetes, Stroke, Brain Injuries

About Me: I have just graduated from Marshall University in the US with a Masters in Exercise Science. During my Masters, I ran a cardiometabolic rehab centre, so I have worked with patients who have had chronic medical conditions as well as people with more physical health issues, such as strokes or brain injuries. In this rehab centre we specialised in exercising our patients to attenuate any further complications and increase quality of life for the individual. I have a passion for making physical activity accessible to everyone. Working at the BPT Therapy Gym gives me the opportunity to help those who are sometimes excluded to feel welcome and gain insight as to how they can benefit from exercise. Coming from an exercise science background, I was able to learn about lots of different disabilities and so I feel I am very capable to help anyone with their exercise needs. I am able to competently create tailored workout programs for individuals, especially in population groups that have been affected by a medical or physical health issue.

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