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Disability Wellbeing Focus – Stroke

Suffering from a stroke is a brain injury that can immediately alter a person’s lifestyle and lead to long-lasting physical and cognitive problems. 

This wellbeing guide has been created to:
• Educate stroke survivors and people who have not suffered a stroke

• Offer guidance towards health, exercise and recovery 

• Improve the lives of stroke survivors with our resources

We’re Soft Launching

We’re Soft Launching – what does this mean?

The BPT Therapy Gym is now open on a private basis to:

Organised external groups
Private members (1-to-1)
Semi-private members (groups of 4)

About Matt

Matt Brinkley is a former support worker for people with learning disabilities and a physical trainer,

After being approached by a client who had been paralysed from the chest down from a car accident who had been turned away by many fitness coaches, Matt created an ongoing exercise programme just for him.

Since then has made it his mission to MAKE FITNESS ACCESSIBLE FOR ALL!!.