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Brinkley Physical Therapy Ltd

The organisation was founded by adaptive exercise specialist Matt Brinkley in July 2020 following over ten years of providing inclusive exercise opportunities privately through mobile and online services.

The Therapy Gyms brand and service was created to specialise in helping people who often find it difficult to access exercise and activities.

Clients include people with disabilities, injuries, illnesses (including Mental Health), learning difficulties, weight issues, age-related conditions and many more.

We work in partnership with many businesses from corporate organisations to health care providers. 

We combine our exercise programmes alongside their well-being programmes to support physical and mental health in the community and in the workplace.

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Mobile Therapy Gym

Find out more about individual or organisational exercise at your location of choice.

BPT Therapy Gym

Discover our inclusive accessible exercise facility located on the Essex-Suffolk border in Holton St Mary.

The Online Therapy Gym

Have you seen our inclusive on-demand guided adaptive exercise workouts?

About Matt Brinkley

Find out more about Matt’s story and why he has made it his mission to make fitness accessible for all.

It's simple: We make fitness accessible and will support you towards your health & fitness goals

"Absolutely brilliant! So friendly and professional. I look forward to my sessions, they are so encouraging''

BPT Therapy Gym Member Liz